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Pastor Forshia Ross“Forshia, you seem to hear God’s voice so clearly,” say many that have heard her speak. “How did you know that’s exactly what I needed?” A gifted teacher, speaker, and writer, Forshia Ross has a strong prophetic ability to identify where you are and bring you where you need to be. Change happens! Healings happen! Nothing is impossible when God speaks His plan and purpose! A dynamic speaker with a heart after God, Forshia has a passion to see His redemptive plan played out in the lives of others. And because God has so graciously and powerfully healed Forshia from destructive patterns in her life, she desires that others experience healing as promised in Isaiah 61. She gives hope to the brokenhearted and stirs the hearts of the complacent. She challenges others to lead a life of obedience to God.
You will be amazed as Forshia provides just the right keys to unlock the hindrances of the heart that keep you from serving God with greater joy and purpose. After all, the Bible says that where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Using her own experiences as a backdrop and the Word of God as a foundation, she will unfold the scriptures in such a way, that you will definitely come away saying, "I can do this! With God's help, I can really do this!" You won’t be disappointed when you discover that God wants the best for you.
A licensed and ordained minister, Pastor Ross is the founder and director of Treasures from the Heart Ministry. She has a TV program which gives practical Biblical insight for daily living and is the author of No Secondhand Rose, My Name is Forshia, a book about her spiritual journey to wholeness. Her widely circulated Word of Encouragement and website is reaching around the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ.
Transplanted from the Washington, DC area, Forshia is originally from Alabama but she and her husband, Eric, have now made their home in Glendale, RI and are active members of Faith Fellowship Church in Uxbridge, MA. They have 2 children and 6 grandchildren.
Forshia served for 2 years as the RI State Prayer Coordinator for Aglow International and now serves as VP of Leadership Development. She has also been responsible for starting a dynamic prayer group called Deborah’s Army. Her mission through prayer is that God’s redemptive plan be accomplished for individuals, churches, communities, and nations. Recently Forshia completed a course and was certified in Mental Health First Aid given by the National Council for Behavioral Health, Mental Health First Aid USA.

Also view her Speakers Bureau Electronic Press Kit.  It will list among other things, her speaking topics, sample of videos, and events:  View here   

No Secondhand RoseNo Secondhand Rose, My Name is Forshia
Read Forshia's first installment of her amazing life-changing story in her book, No Secondhand Rose, My Name is Forshia. As a Christian, Forshia suffered a mental breakdown and spent time in the mental ward. But through the grace and power of Jesus Christ, he led her out and showed her his keys to healing and wholeness. She is now able to impart these truths to others.


It's Here!
The Wilderness Shall Blossom Like the Rose
Cultivating a Prosperous Body, Mind, and Spirit

Read the prologue of Forshia's sequel to No Secondhand Rose...

Pastor Forshia Ross has been speaking at churches, conferences, retreats, and prayer gatherings since 1990. As a keynote speaker, Forshia loves to encourage, challenge, and minister the 'heart' of God through His Word. You will not be disappointed as she unfolds a timely message just for your group.
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Also view her Speakers Bureau Electronic Press Kit.It will list among other things, her speaking topics, sample of videos, and events:   View here 
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