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The Wilderness Shall Blossom Like the Rose
Category: All Categories - Are you struggling with depression, addictions, failed relationships? Come along with Forshia Ross in this continuation of No Secondhand Rose as she takes a parallel journey to the Israelites of old in search of her promised land. No matter what you’ve gone through and no matter how hopeless your life seems, God has a joyful and victorious plan for you. God identifies with your pain. He is a personal God, and he will work out all the difficulties in your life and use them for good. He desires that you reach your promised land!
Price: $12.99
You Can Hear the Voice of God
Category: Growing in Christ; Persevering Faith – God surely wants the best for us. My purpose in this booklet is for you to know that He wants to speak to you. Isn’t that incredible? The God who created the heavens and the earth wants to talk to you. He created you to be able to hear from Him.
Price: $4.00
Breaking Negative Family Cycles
Category: Family & Marriage; Healing – I share dynamic principles that will begin to break these negative patterns. I have put them to work in my life and have seen incredible breakthroughs! With God’s help, you can break destructive patterns, too, because God desires wholeness and peace in your life.
Price: $4.00
No Secondhand Rose, My Name is Forshia
Category: Overcoming Depression – Do you ever question your place in this world? Have you struggled to measure up to your own expectations and those of loved ones? Do your emotions ever threaten to overwhelm you? You are not alone. Forshia Ross has traveled this path and understands the turmoil that you feel. Walk with her through this book, and begin your own journey to wholeness. Discover your worth and value to God, and you too will see that you are No Secondhand Rose.
Price: $7.00
No Secondhand Rose (AUDIO)
Category: Overcoming Depression – Audio CD Book narrated by Forshia (2 CD's)
Price: $15.00
From Forgiveness to Restoration
Category: Healing; Lifestyle Evangelism – “You see, what God wants to do with us is something like restoring fine antique furniture.” When I bowed my head at my kitchen table in 1978 and in a simple childlike prayer softly whispered these words, “God! Can you help me, because I have made a mess of my life and I want to be a better wife and mother but I don’t know how to be these things,” The Bible says that only God can forgive sins. And that means that He is the only one who has the power to wash away the effects of your shortcomings, mishaps, regrets, and wasted years and help you start over.
Price: $4.00
Golden Keys to God's Kingdom Way
Category: Kingdom Living – Jesus was trying to show us in many ways and illustrations, that the ‘method’ or the ‘way’ to have true and lasting life, was to understand and follow that ‘way.’ There are keys available to us that will unlock God’s Kingdom Way and, I believe God will help us find them.
Price: $4.00
Empowered to Share the Good News
Category: Lifestyle Evangelism – "A Unique and Freeing Look into the Call to Evangelize." Not all of us have the 'Gift of Evangelism' but the Bible says we have all been called to do the 'Work of an Evangelist.' This mini-Bible Study explores this call and gives unique insights into the rewards of 'everyday' sharing of God's love and salvation.
Price: $4.00

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